R & D

As Normfeed, we do our utmost to provide fish producers with efficient, high quality and affordable feeds that allow the fish to grow healthily in the fastest way possible. We believe that assuring fish producers to conduct fishing efficiently and sustainably is the essence of a solid business relationship.
It is the responsibility of our Quality Control and R&D department to assess the quality of the raw materials used in the fish feed production with detailed analyzes and to generate innovative products with the best nutritional value for fish species by blending them in certain proportions. Developing innovations that provide sustainable production, quality feed and economic performance are seen over by our expert team.
Extensive analyzes of the products and the raw materials used in their contents are conducted in our laboratory with cutting-edge technology located in İzmir Torbalı facility, and their accuracy is confirmed by the private accredited laboratory located outside.

We Supply Quality
Raw Materials

Our expert team is cognizant of the criteria specific to raw materials  and the raw materials are subjected to tests accordingly. Together with the analyzes performed in the laboratory environment, feed trials are also frequently conducted under field conditions in order to test the nutrient digestibility by the fish. In this manner, our obligation to provide the highest growth performance with the most relevant costs is brought under control.

As Normfeed, we constantly scan and test alternative raw materials, since we believe in the importance of sustainable production. We use what we can add to our raw material portfolio in our Aquanorm fish feeds. We also inspect our suppliers in detail every year by drawing up our approved supplier list with raw materials.


We produce fish feeds with high nutritional values.

As the needs of our customers are crucial for our R&D team, we recognize the needs of the market and offer products in this direction. Fish feeds produced in Normfeed Su Ürünleri are the result of extensive analysis and assessment. Considering we only focus on the success of our customers, our productions are conducted by using the latest technology equipment with the examinations of our experienced team.

Our R&D team also addresses other issues at every stage of production as well as the general objectives mentioned above, to keep our customers at the forefront of their aquaculture development, each of which plays a fundamental role in the development of the aquaculture industry.
ated outside.

Nutritional Requirements of Fish


The main task of proteins is to ensure the growth of the organism, the regeneration of tissues and, in short, the maintenance of vital activities. Therefore, proteins are known to be important nutrients for living things. The nutritional needs of fish vary by stage of life. The amount of protein and the amount of essential amino acid in the feed are also of great importance in terms of the process of growth and reaching the market size of the fish.


Lipids, which are an effective and necessary energy source for fish, play regulatory roles in the evaluation of fat-soluble vitamins and in metabolism. Fats, which contain unsaturated fatty acids that provide the continuation of cellular functions, meet the energy the body needs intensively for all metabolic activities and allow the transport of fat-soluble vitamins in the body, are the most important ingredients in fish feeds after proteins.


Cooking during the extrusion process we use in the production of fish feed increases the digestibility of starch. The digestibility of carbohydrates by fish is quite low. For this reason, the amount of carbohydrates [100- (protein + fat + ash + moisture)] in feed is of great importance. In addition, the digestibility of the starch in the feed content depends on the processing method of the feed - the amount of cooking.

Vitaminler ve Mineraller

Vitaminler, hayvansal organizmaların hayatını sürdürebilmesi için az miktarda gerekli ve yaşam için esansiyel yapıda organik bileşiklerdir. Mineraller ise, iskelet yapısının oluşmasında ve metabolizma için önemli olan hormonların ve enzimlerin aktivitesinde çok önemli bir rol oynar. Balık beslemede mineral ve vitamin içeriği balıkların gelişme ve büyüme hızları açısından son derece önemlidir.


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