Our History

Normfeed Su Ürünleri Yem San. Tic. A.Ş. started its operations in İzmir/Torbalı in December 2018. Normfeed has become a global feed company in a short time by placing emphasis on quality at international standards.

Since the day it started its operations, our company has produced 35,000 tons of feed in the first year and 40,000 tons in the second year, and it is aimed to reach a feed production amount of approximately 50,000 tons at the end of the third year. Since Normfeed Su Ürünleri, has made great strides in a very short time, it is expected that the company will be in an even better position in the coming years.

About us

It is our main task to provide products and sectoral services that will improve the lives and increase the success of all our customers in the future, as it is today. Our objective is to provide added value to the work of more customers every day, to maximize their satisfaction by increasing their success. This perspective unites us in a common growth and targeting strategy and gives us the rightful pride of winning together. It is our rightful pride to be a solution partner for all our customers and to be referred to as a brand that serves as a leader in the sector.

Normfeed never compromises on producing in accordance with the law and ethical rules while it creates this success story. The reliability, quality and value of the products we produce have been inspected and certified by the GLOBAL GAP (CFM) Standard, and as a company, human health, animal health and science have always been our top priority values. Complying with all laws, regulations and rules in the sector we serve in line with these values is an indispensable task for every employee.

As an environmentally conscious company that protects ethical values and has a high social responsibility, we produce world-class, productive, safe and nutritious fish feeds in Izmir Torbalı without compromising our production, which takes place innovatively and reliably with our expert colleagues in the field. Since the day of our establishment, we have been expanding our range of products further by improving our R & D works to increase the production of various forms of fish feed for various types of fish.



As normfeed we use modern technology to serve u better and we still have the same excitement as the first day we started.









Our History

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